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Four collections to help you, plus a subscription to The Boat Galley Newsletter:

Considering Living on a Boat? You'll find:

  • Info on what living on a boat and/or cruising is, how to know if you'd like it, should you cruise, the costs and ways to afford it
  • Try-it-out charters

Preparing to Cruise? Lots of info to help you with the transition:

  • Info to help you buy a boat, downsize and move aboard
  • How to find great boat products
  • Checklists and downloads for new boat owners
  • Courses and coaching for additional help

Out Cruising? Take a bit of the stress out of that first year or new cruising grounds with these:

  • Checklists and downloads
  • Information on hurricane preparation and cruising the Bahamas
  • Consulting services

Cooking for Adventures? Whether you're cruising, RVing, camping, canoeing or living off-grid, you'll find helpful info:

  • Learn how to plan meals, provision, store food and cook great meals
  • Secrets to great meals with a tiny -- or no -- refrigerator
  • Download PDFs and editable documents

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Carolyn Shearlock, founder of The Boat Galley

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Considering Living on a Boat

4 Lessons

Have you wondered about living on a boat?

Has someone you love mentioned wanting to head off into the sunset on a boat?

Or maybe you’ve secretly fantasized about selling everything, moving aboard, and traveling the world?

But you’re not sure what it would really be like or how you’d actually do it . . .

Don’t worry.

I've been living aboard and cruising for over 12 years now and I'm happy to share what I know.

Let's start with learning a bit more about the cruising lifestyle and what it's really like.

Preparing to Cruise

7 Lessons

Have you decided that cruising is the life for you?

Getting from the "yes, we want to go cruising" stage to actually casting off the dock lines encompasses a lot of things:

Free and paid resources from The Boat Galley and others to help you along every step of the way!

Out Cruising

6 Lessons

You've cut the dock lines and are finally out cruising!

But instead of it being that wonderful vacation you were dreaming of, you're finding yourself frustrated and overwhelmed more often than you care to admit.

Here's help:

  • Encouragement
  • Getting More Help
  • Documents for Boat Owners
  • Buying Boat Gear
  • Cooking on a Boat
  • Get Ready to Cruise the Bahamas

Cooking for Adventures

9 Lessons

Let's face it: cooking just isn't the same when you're cruising, RVing, camping or living off the grid. Less space, few or no electical applicances, making do with what's on hand and either a small or non-existent refrigerator are just a few of the challenges.

From the time I was a Girl Scout to now, I've been turning out great meals in interesting conditions. Let me help you make the transition with books, articles, downloads, recipes, and gear.